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$10.90 Flat Shipping (excludes bulky items) | Free Shipping over $250

Shapes - Patterns Tracing Board


Tracing Boards are similar to sandpaper materials that at are used in Montessori schools and classrooms.It is a tactile way of learning. The child traces with fingers and/or stylus.

Make and Material: 3D printed, made from PLA which is a plant based bioplastic derived from cornstarch 

Country of Origin: Made in India by Sculpt.thestudio

Include: Stylus/tracing stick/dummy pencil

Packaging: comes in a bag

Recommended age: 3years and above or when the kindy/school starts writing skills

Care/maintenance: Wipe with soft damp cloth. If required, Rinse under water.

Disclaimer: Adult supervision is recommended at all times

Please note: Markings and variations are common in PLA products

Frequently asked question

What is a Shapes tracing board?
A Shape tracing board is a reversible tracing board engraved with patterns on one side and with shapes on the other side.

What are the benefits of providing children with Shapes tracing board?                                                                              
Tracing the patterns (lines, squiggles) will help children learn the correct way of writing

Great for developing recognition, identification and formation of shapes.  

How to use the Tracing board?
1.Trace with fingers
2.Trace with the stylus/tracing stick/dummy pencil
3. Trace with a brush.
4. Paint the shapes/patterns with watercolours. Wash. Paint again.
5. Do crayon rubbing-Put a piece of paper and rub with a crayon.
6. Form shapes/patterns with different objects such as cotton buds/popstick.
7. Play a matching game- provide child with the board and wooden/felt/foam shapes and encourage them to match.
8. Use it as a maze. Add a small ball and push it with the pencil from one end to the other.
This is just a suggestion. Have fun exploring

Customer Reviews

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Lydia T
Fabulous learning resource

This board is great quality and perfect for exploring numbers from a young age. My toddler may not yet know her numbers but she loves tracing them in and counting. Makes for a fabulous intro to early numeracy. The board is a great size for little hands too.