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$10.90 Flat Shipping (excludes bulky items) | Free Shipping over $250

Sensory Rice - Blended


Quantity: 300ml bottle

Packaging: Comes in a plastic container for easy storage

Recommended age: 3 years and above and/or who does not put things in their mouth.

Directions to use: The Rice is Ready to use. Just tip the contents of the jar into a play tray

Care and Maintenance: Store it in the jar and keep it dry to last you ages.

Disclaimer: Do not swallow or eat this product. Not suitable for children below 3 years or who still put objects in their mouth. Choking hazard. Adult supervision is recommended at ALL times

Frequently asked questions:

• Where is our rice made? Our rice is home made/hand made on our kitchen bench top.

• What is our colour rice made of? Our rice is made using rice, vinegar and food colouring.

• How to use coloured rice?

  1. Use as a backdrop for small world play and/or tuff tray play (green-grass, brown- mud/dirt, blue-water)
  2. Play hide and seek with coloured rice. Provide your child with rice and objects  and encourage your child to find the hidden objects. This activity can be changed to suit your child’s level and interest.You can add 2 same objects (such as shells/spoons) and encourage your child to find the correct pairs.
  3. Simply add cups and spoo. Dump. Refill. Dump again. To make it more challenging add different scooping tools.
  4. While Playing shops and kitchen
  5. Great for measuring and weighing activities.
  6. Provide your child with a bottle, funnel and a spoon and let your child drop/pour the coloured rice into the bottle. Discuss half/empty/full.
  7. Imagination has no limits; let your child find his own way of using the rice!

• Is it safe for children? Our rice is safe for children to touch and smell. It is non-toxic and contains no preservatives. Food grade ingredients used.

• Is it edible? No! The rice is uncooked. It is meant for play purposes only and NOT a substitute for food.

• What if the child eats it? Our rice is made from food grade ingredients. It is safe if eaten/consumed by mistake during play.

• Is it scented? No!

• How to store rice? The rice come in a plastic container for easy storage. They are Stackable and portable. It is recommended to store rice in the container it comes in.

•How long do they last for? Can last you years if stored correctly.
Tip-Simply store in an airtight container/Jar or zip lock bags. Please note, if kept dry, will last forever.