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$10.90 Flat Shipping (excludes bulky items) | Free Shipping over $250

Baric Tablet

CE tested according to European Standard EN71
Baric Tablets are a very important part of Montessori Sensorial Curriculum. They are used to teach children the concept of weight- similar looking objects made of the same material can have different weights. 
3 wooden boxes with lids.
Each containing 7 wooden tablets.
The first set has light weight tablets, the second set medium weight tablets and the third set heavy tablets. 
Measurement: Tablets measure 7.5cmX5cmX0.5cm approximately 

Recommended Age-4+

How to use Basic Tablets?
Invite the child to put his hands out (as if receiving a gift), palms facing up.
Place one light tablet on one hand and ask child to move his hand up and down, as to gauge the weight of the tablet.
Place one heavy tablet on the other hand and ask the child to move his hand up and down gently.
Take the light tablet off and place another heavy tablet on that hand. If he realizes that they both weigh the same, then ask him to place them together on the table or mat.
The child can try this again with two lighter tablets. If the child realizes that they are the same weight, then he can place them on the table or mat.
Continue placing the tablets with matching weights in rows (light, medium, heavy)