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$10.90 Flat Shipping (excludes bulky items) | Free Shipping over $250



Inspired by Montessori Movable Alphabets..use our set of alphabets with our tracing board like a puzzle (The alphabets fit our tracing board) Or without for reading, spelling and writing activities. 

Make & Material: 3D printed, made from PLA which is a plant based bioplastic derived from cornstarch

Country of Origin: Made in India by Sculpt.thestudio

Includes-26 letters(A-Z)

The Alphabets are colour coded (vowels are blue and the consonants are red).

Recommended Age:3 years

Care and Maintenance: Wipe with a soft damp cloth. If required, rinse under water

Packaging-Comes in a Bag

Safety:Adult Supervision is recommended at ALL times

Please note-Markings and Variations are common in 3d printed products                    

Tracing board sold separately.

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